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The impact of board diversity and executive remuneration on financial distress and firm performance in the UK Dissertation

very good

Evaluation of the relationship between corporate governance, executive remuneration and board diversity in the UK following the pandemic Dissertation

well done

Use of Financial Ratio to Predict Bankruptcy - A Quantitative Approach Dissertation

Got a great grade! Also very helpful writer, who asked questions and made necessary adjustments.

Conflict Management Dissertation

I can only say ... amazing

An Introduction on Critical Success Factors of Global Virtual Teams (GVTs) Dissertation

Very good writer. She knows her job!

Modelling the Impact of covid-19 on the share price of selected construction companies Dissertation

The writer was really exceptional, was really good at following instructions and paying attention to detail. Overall good work and really impressive.

The business case of use of cybersecurity processes to help increase customer satisfaction during a driverless vehicle service ride Dissertation Chapter - Discussion


No topic Dissertation

I have kept 3 orders from this team. I am very happy with the service however few intext citations and issues with references has been identified. Can you please correct this for me please otherwise my supervisor is not accepting the thesis. Please help me out.

What Are the Key Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Chinese MNEs Operating in the UK after Brexit? Dissertation

Excellent work! Thanks a lot

Should be approved by the professor with the proposal Dissertation

Thank you very much