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What are the important things about your service that make you better than the others?

We do not compare ourselves with others. What we will tell you is that we offer original, customized research and writing – research and writing that is completed by degreed and fully qualified academics, that is reviewed by our Quality Control staff before being delivered to customers, and that conforms to every detail of the customer’s specifications. 

What if I am not happy with the final product?

We do not ever want a customer to leave us dis-satisfied. So, if you are not happy with what has been delivered to you, you must let your writer and us know right away. Do not approve of any product that does not meet your expectations. Instead, use your personal account page to request the revisions that you want. we will get right on them and make the changes you want, at no charge.

We have a Revision Policy on our site. Please read through it. If there is anything you do not understand, please get in touch so that we can explain the details to you.

How do you calculate the price I pay?

Cost is based upon several things – the nature of the product you are ordering, your level of academic study, and the deadline you give us. You will find a way to calculate your cost in advance of ordering, by checking out our pricing schedules. You can submit the preliminary order information and receive a price before you place your order. As you place your order, the price is automatically calculated, and you have the final price before you submit your order and pay for it. We never add on extra fees.

Are there discounts?

Yes. We do provide a new customer discount and additional discounts for returning customers. We also have special pricing throughout the year, and these are posted on our site when they are offered.

What about refunds?

We do have a refund policy, and there are specific instances in which we will provide partial or full refunds. Refunds are rarely requested, because we ensure that you get what you want in the first place. There are certain circumstances that do warrant refunds, and these are outlined in our policy. We want you to review our refund policy carefully, and, if you do have questions, please ask them.

How do I contact the company?

We have a customer support department that is open 24/7/365. And this is by phone, chat, or email. You will always be able to get in touch with us for any issue, question, or problem you may have. We pride ourselves in our quick responses and the resolution of any issues you have.

These are the most frequently asked questions we get from visitor and customers. If your question has not been answered here, we want you to know that we are her, 24 hours a day, to give you all of the information you may need to make decisions about using our service. Give us a call with your questions!

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Who do you employ as writers?

We are very careful about our writer selection. The selection process includes verification of their credentials and an assignment for an original piece of research and writing in their degree fields. All of our writers must hold degrees from English-speaking institutions and are only assigned projects which are in their degree fields and levels of degrees. We carefully match each customer order with a writer who holds the proper credentials.

Will I have contact with my writer?

Absolutely. Throughout the entire production of your order, you will have access to your writer. In fact, we insist upon it. Direct communication with your writer means that you will get exactly what you want, and that your writer will have all of the detail s/he needs to give you what you want.

Related to guarantees

How can you guarantee that you will follow my instructions?

We pass all of your order instructions on to the writer we assign to your order. From that point forward, you are given a personal account page, and you will communicate directly with your writer through that page. You can give any additional detail and information you want. You can answer questions your writer may have for you.

Once your order is finished, it goes to our Quality Assurance department, and the finished product is compared to the order details you have given us. If there are any discrepancies, these are fixed before you get the final draft.

And if you find that any details are missing, you simply request the revisions you want – they are free.

Is privacy guaranteed?

Yes. First of all, your personal information (name, email address, phone number) is encrypted. Second, we have the most sophisticated firewalls in existence. Third, we never hare with any third-party any of our customer information. Fourth, you are assigned an ID number and that is how you are referred to within our system. You can rest assured that your use of our service will never be revealed to anyone else.

In terms of your financial information, we use a third-party SSL certified processor, so we never have or hold your financial information.

We do have a published Privacy Policy on our site. Please read through it. If you have any other questions, please contact our customer support department.

In general, we want you to be assured that we will always protect your identity.

How do you ensure that my writer is qualified to complete my order?

Our writers are all placed in a database, based on their degree areas and their levels of degrees. When a customer places an order, we look at the academic level of the customer and the topic field of the order. We then match those details with the writer details in our database. So, if you are an undergraduate student who needs a research paper in U.S. history, we will match that with a writer who has at least a Master’s degree in U.S. history.