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Types of cheap research paper writers

In any area of service providing, you will find three kinds of people:

  • Those who do a good job as inexpensive as they can
  • Those who do a good job but over charge you
  • Those who scam you out of money by offering a cheap service that doesn’t deliver

It can be hard to know who you can trust, especially online where you don’t always get the same instinctive feelings as you do in a face to face setting.

When you’re a student, and money is tight, it’s easy to be tricked into using the cheapest service you can find. Chances are, you’ll regret it when your paper is delivered late and unusable. Here at Paper Fellows, we aim to provide the cheapest research paper writing we can without affecting the quality. Here are some scams to be aware of.

Why you should look for a cheap research paper service

This one is quite a clever trick. The operators know you’ll be naturally suspicious of anything that sounds too good to be true, so they hike up their prices knowing it will make you think the quality should be better.

Now, while you are being ripped off in a sense, at least using these services, you’ll most likely get a custom research paper that you can actually use and get a good grade for. But you can get a paper of equally high quality here at for a lot less money.

These companies are making a huge profit margin compared to the industry standard. We pay our writers a fair wage and make a smaller profit because we believe in providing college students with an option to buy a cheap custom research paper that won’t be lacking in quality.

Features of cheap research paper writing service

While at first glance a cheap research paper seems like a deal that’s too good to miss, this option will be the most likely one to end in tears.

If you buy a research paper cheap, chances are you’re buying either a sample paper that’s available for free elsewhere online, or you’re buying a research paper written by someone who isn’t even qualified. Some of these writers aren’t even native English speakers.

The other scam when you are quoted a price to buy research paper cheap is that the paper sent to you is riddled with mistakes. When you request the changes needed to make it usable, then the company hits you with extra fees.

We never ask you for extra money once you’ve received your price. What you see is what you will pay. You will be delivered a research paper that is of the standard required to get you a good mark at the academic level you’re currently studying in.

Because the paper is such good quality in the first place, then it’s unlikely you will request changes. If you do require any changes though (these are usually minor changes to encompass a professor’s personal quirks, likes and dislikes) you won’t be charged any extra money.

What is included
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Outline of the work
  • Title page and bibliography
  • Formatting in APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard or Turabian
  • 275 or 550 words per page (double and single spacing)
  • Revisions upon request
Cheap research paper prices
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  • Admission Services from $10.99
  • Math/Physic/Economic/ Statistic Problems from $19.99
  • Academic paper writing from $12.99
  • Dissertation services from $18.99
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Legitimate research paper writing for cheap

If you find a website such as ours that offers affordable research papers, don’t be miss out on any good deals. We regularly offer discounts to our customers, including new customer discounts, loyalty discounts for repeat customers and several seasonal discounts throughout the year.

Sale prices will obviously be a lot cheaper than standard prices. Don’t always assume a good deal is a scam. Check out the company’s usual prices and compare these to the industry standard rather than the sale prices!

If you’re still unsure as to whether or not you’re being scammed, speak to customer service (a reputable site will have a way to contact them and they won’t didge your questions). Ask anything you need to know to put your mind at rest and if you want to, request samples that illustrate the quality of their work or view the samples on the website itself. 

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