Terms of Use

The contents of this page go into explicit detail regarding the rights and responsibilities that customers and potential customers have. These apply not only to purchasing products or services, but also to the use of our website and communicating with us. Please read this information thoroughly as it applies to you whether  you place an order or not. When applicable vendors, contractors, and visitors to our website are also obligated to abide by the terms outlined here.

Changes to Policies

These terms of use may be changed at any time with or without prior  notification. If we do make changes, we will make every effort to inform anyone impacted by the changes by posting a message to our home page. However, it is important to note that these terms of use apply to all, regardless of whether or not they are familiar with any changes.

Intellectual Property Policy

There are two ways in which customers submit intellectual property. The first is intellectual property such as writing samples or other information that is uploaded as part of an order for writing, proofreading, formatting, or editing services. In these cases, the customer retains full ownership of that intellectual property. We make no claims for any rights to this property, and will delete the information from our system once the order has been completed.

In other cases, a customer or visitor may submit a testimonial, story, review, or other content. These submissions are completely voluntary. Once we receive this content it becomes property of PaperFellows.com to be used or distributed as we see fit. Customers and visitors are strictly prohibited from submitting content that they do not have full ownership of.

Social Responsibility Policy

Responsible businesses don’t just focus on earning a profit. They care about the betterment of society, and make efforts to be good citizens at every level. We take our social responsibility seriously. The following are the policies that we have established. Please read them thoroughly as many of the items apply to you.

Ensuring the Safety of Minors on The Internet

Several laws and resolutions are in place to protect young citizens using the internet. These are enforced on the international, national, state/province, and local areas. In order to support these efforts we have a strict policy against doing business with anyone who has not reached the age of majority unless they have obtained consent from an adult. Further, we will never conduct business, communicate with, or otherwise engage with anyone who is not thirteen years old or younger.

Salary And Other Wages

We believe that every employee, subcontractor, or freelancer who works for Paper Fellows is entitled to a living wage, safe work environment, and fair treatment. Everyone working for or with us is paid a fair wage. They are never asked to work unreasonable hours, penalized for taking sick or emergency time, or asked to complete tasks that are dangerous or illegal.

Environmentally Friendly Policies

As a business, we believe we have a responsibility to make the smallest environmental footprint possible. In our offices, we focus on energy efficiency and waste reduction. We strongly encourage our clients to do the same.

Ethics Policy

While we want to  help job seekers, business professionals, and students achieve success by providing writing services, it is not our intention to cause any harm to society as a whole. Because of this, we will never knowingly commit any of the following acts:

  • Assisting a Business in Misleading or Defrauding Customers
  • Helping a Student to Fraudulently Obtain a Degree Certificate or License
  • Assist a Job Seeker in Falsely Representing Their Credentials

If we believe anyone is using our services illegally or unethically, we will end our relationship with them, and deny them services. Any request for products or services that relate to education, financial services, legal services, law enforcement, medicine, and healthcare will be subject to more intense scrutiny.

Third Party Affiliations

Visitors to our website may notice that we occasionally post content from third parties or link to other websites on our web pages and in our blog posts. While we do conduct business with other companies, we are an independently owned and operated company. Customers and visitors should not view any affiliation to third parties as an endorsement or recommendation of that individual, group, or business.

In the event that anyone clicks on an external link or chooses to buy products or services from a third party, that decision is their responsibility. We are not liable should any harm come from that decision.

Legal Use of Our Products And Services

It is the responsibility of the customer or visitor to determine that their use of our website, products, or services is within the bounds of any and all laws that apply to them. We are unable to provide legal advice or other information in this regard. Further, customers also agree that they will only use our products and services in ways that comply with all laws. Finally, should customers submit documents or other material to use for any reason whatsoever, they affirm that they have rights to distribute and gain access to that information.

Confidentiality Policy

We will never disclose the existence or nature of our relationship to any client. The only exception to this is through court order, fraud investigation, or in special circumstances with the clients full consent. We are not responsible for any negative consequences that come as a result of the clients choice to reveal the nature of their relationship to any third party.

Use And Distribution of Content Owned by PaperFellows.com

We will frequently post blog posts and articles that may be of interest to a variety of people. Please note that any content on our web pages, social media pages, and blog are our property unless otherwise noted. Distributing this content without our consent is expressly forbidden as is claiming this content as your own.

However, we do grant permission to anyone to link to any of our content along with a brief description, synopsis, or appropriate keyword. It is also okay to share our content via social media. However, proper credit must be given.

Use of Documents From Paper Fellows

When you download any documents from us they become your property. However, they must only be used for their intended purpose. These include study, research, example, authorized business use, academics, and to obtain a job. No client has the authority to sell documents we have provided to them.

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