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Wellington, New Zealand
Research paper, 6 days, Sophomore

I have tried many writing companies, but I find this one very comfortable. I found my writer, who did almost all of my History assignments, big and small. It helped me to shift my focus to subjects that are more important for me and my future career.

Reflective essay, 3 days, Junior

Honestly, I used the service once for a 300 word essay, and it turned out great. But I wanted to say that I like the essay samples, they inspire me for writing my own tasks.

Dublin, Ireland
Research paper, 7 days, Junior

The Biology research paper from was thorough and well-argued. The writer incorporated recent studies and data effectively, enhancing the credibility of my work. That helped me to pass the class and impress my Bio teacher. I needed it so much.

San Diego, USA
Critical analysis, 72 hours, Sophomore provided an insightful critical analysis for my Psychology class, but there were a few instances of ambiguous phrasing that I had clarified with the writer at once. The communication is very smooth. Nevertheless, the writer's analysis was perceptive and valuable.

Toronto, Canada
Expository essay, 4 days, Senior delivered a clear and informative expository essay. While the content was solid, a minor adjustment in the introduction was needed but writer completed them in just one hour. Overall, a good experience.

New Orleans, USA
Dissertation proposal, 2 weeks, Graduate

I'm grateful for the comprehensive and well-constructed dissertation proposal from The writer exhibited expertise and dedication, making the process smooth.

Texas, USA
Literary analysis, 5 days, Sophomore

The literary analysis of “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway from demonstrated a profound understanding of the text, stylistic devices, and literary elements. The writer's insights were enlightening, and the analysis was impeccably structured.

Research paper, 10 days, Junior helped me compose a well-researched term paper, but there were a few instances of repetitive content that I needed to address—nonetheless, a dependable service.

Nashville, USA
Annotated bibliography, 3 days, Junior

Writers really listen to me and focus on my suggestions. I appreciate it! Maybe the price could be a bit lower. Hope next time I will get a discount.

Dallas, USA
Thesis chapter, 14 days, Sophomore

You helped me tremendously! The amount of trust I can put into these writers to proofread and properly edit my work has improved my GPA.