Money Back Guarantee Policies

It is so important to us to make sure that every customer’s experience is just what they expected, and that they are happy with the products and services that they receive. We don’t want to simply meet these expectations, we want to exceed them.

Happily, we have been able to earn a customer satisfaction rate of nearly 100%. However, there will always be a small number of cases in which we are not able to completely meet our high standards of excellence. In addition to this, there may be times when customers must cancel orders or ask that we stop work on orders that are in process.

As a result, there are times when a customer is entitled to receive a refund or credit. The policies below thoroughly explain our money back guarantee policy.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy without prior warning. It is the responsibility of anyone using our services to ensure that they have read and understand these policies. If changes are made, we will post a message on our website for a brief period indicating that it has occurred.

Refunds And Credits

In the event that a customer is entitled to receive a full or partial return of the money they have spent, they may receive a refund or credits towards a future order. The decision whether or not to grant a refund or credits is solely up to the discretion of Paper Fellows staff members.

If a refund is granted it will be credited to the user according to the policies and procedures that are in place at the financial services provider they chose when making payment. Customers who are expecting refunds should contact their bank, credit card company, PayPal or other provider to determine exactly what these policies and procedures are.

We can usually process refunds in less than seven business days. However, we do not have any control over the amount of time your financial service provider will take to credit your account.

Credits can be applied to future orders. These can be used at any time. Credits never expire, and cannot be lost. Please understand that credits cannot be transferred to other accounts.

Order Cancellations

Unfortunately, there are times when customers must cancel an order. If you are in that position please contact us. We would love to help you find another solution. However, if you are firm in your choice, or truly have no other option, we will offer a refund or credit. The amount of this depends on the timing of your cancellation.

If you are able to cancel your order immediately, and it has not been assigned to a writer, you will receive a refund or credit of 100%. If it has been assigned to a writer, your refund or credit will have to be prorated. This amount will be calculated by our staff and will be based on the amount of work that has been completed.

Inability to Assign Your Order

If we are unable to find an available writer for you, we will provide you with a full credit or refund. Fortunately, this is a situation that very rarely occurs.

Inability to Complete Your Order

If your writer is unable to finish your order, you are entitled to a full or partial refund or credit. If we provide only a partial refund or credit, you will receive all notes and completed work prior to your writer becoming unavailable. This is also a rare circumstance, and usually occurs when a writer takes ill or has an emergency. Fortunately, we are nearly always able to find a substitute writer quickly.

Double Billing

Our payment processing service has ensured us that there are safeguards to prevent double billing or overcharging. However, if you are double billed or overcharged, please let us know. Once we  have verified that this is the case, we will credit funds back to your account immediately.

Missing Items

Some orders contain requests for multiple documents. It is our intention to deliver every requested document on time. If we inform you that your order is ready to be reviewed and downloaded, we encourage you to take a look as quickly as possible. If you notice anything missing, please let us know.

If we are unable to provide the missing items immediately, you will be given two choices. You can wait for those documents to be created, or you can request a refund or credits. We will then refund or credit your account the value of the missing items.


First, we want to strongly clarify that we have never received any allegation that any paper we delivered was not completely original. However, in spite of our solid track record of providing high quality, custom written papers, we still feel it necessary to establish a money back guarantee policy on plagiarism.

In the event that an accusation of plagiarism is ever proven to be accurate, we will reimburse the affected customer with a full refund. We will also investigate the incident and terminate any employees who played a role either directly or indirectly.

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