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Wellbeing of officers going through leadership qualifications to achieve promotion Dissertation

I received a draft document on Saturday 25th November after reviewing this document I provided feedback via a Word document on Sunday 26th November. I asked for confirmation to make sure you had received this information. This morning I have received a completed document which unfortunately I cannot open as it has been sent in a different format. Have the changes already been made that I requested on Sunday? Can you please confirm? Thank you.

Factors Influencing Community Participation in Joint Forest Management. A Case of Uzungwa Scarp Nature Forest Reserve, Tanzania Dissertation Chapter - Literature review

Best writer, good work

Qualitative Research on the Effectiveness of Online Learning and Teaching Power Point presentation

I am please with the overall writer, it was a little intense with prolonging the deadline, and miscommunication. The 5 star is not for the conflict getting this project done in a timely manner. It is purely due to the talent of the writer, in the end I am very please with the results. I like fair reviews not reviews base on personality differences.

Factors Affecting the Development of Small-Scale Farmers Adjacent to Uzungwa Scarp Nature Forest Reserve in Tanzania Dissertation/Thesis proposal

He has done a wonderful work in a short time and he was very interactive in wherever item needed discussion.

The Housing Market and changes in Government macroeconomic Policy. Dissertation

Great piece of work

The role of emotion in second language acquisition Essay


Multiple-Source Synthesis Essa: Post-traumatic stress disorder Essay

Great job!

Using neural networks infused with architecture to design and develop engaging spaces for children in kindergarteners Dissertation/Thesis proposal

Hello, this was good work, will be coming to you for some help on some paragraphs in the main dissertation. Reading the paper, it makes sense and is what I have asked for and expected. Had a few minor setbacks but it was resolved as soon as possible.

Free Quote Dissertation

Very good work, the work achieved 70%+ If I had clearer objectives, the grade could have easily exceeded this. Thank you.

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on International Schools - A leader's perspective Dissertation

Thank you!