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How Not to Plagiarise Your College Paper

Chances are, you heard the term plagiarism when you were in high school, and you know that it basically means copying someone else’s work and trying to pass it off as your own. You will also know that by college and university, plagiarising can result in some serious consequences. You might find that as a graduate or undergraduate, your paper is given an automatic fail. By the time you are completing your master’s degree or doctoral qualification, you could be removed from your course altogether.

Naturally, you don’t want that to happen. Making sure you have a custom college paper to hand in will stop that. Custom college paper writing is an essential skill for all students.

Below we will discuss ways to ensure your college paper is the best it can be while remaining completely unique and original.

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How to Ensure You Have a Custom Written College Paper

It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Don’t copy anyone else’s work and you’ll be fine. It’s not always that easy though. There is a thing called accidental plagiarism. As the name implies, this doesn’t mean you have intentionally copied someone’s work.

What it means can be one of several things:

  • You haven’t correctly cited the sources of your research
  • You haven’t correctly set out any quotes or they are far too long
  • You have used an idea that closely resembles someone else’s research without putting your own spin on it

There are ways to ensure this doesn’t happen to you:

Make Notes and Work from Them

The best custom college paper is of course written in your own words. To make sure you aren’t tempted to use wording that is too similar to the original source, whether a website or a book, read the information and make notes. Run reviews on the notes until you are familiar with the key points, then put them away. Now write your college paper without those notes. This makes it much more likely they will be your own legit words.

Learn to Correctly Cite your Sources and Identify Quotes

Find out which sourcing method your college requires and learn how to cite correctly. This will include in text citations and a bibliography.

Ensure all of your research materials are from reliable sources and all of those sources are cited, and ensure any quotes are in quotation marks and are clearly cited. It is recommended that you keep quotes short, snappy and relevant. Don’t use too many.

Use a Plagiarism Checker

When your college paper is complete, run it through an online plagiarism checker. This is an urgent step as it will identify any parts of the paper that will flag up so that you can change them. Even the experts use these programmes so you’re not alone!

Your professors want the best custom college papers, and they will no doubt run this software too so a head’s up when there’s still time to fix any mistakes is a huge advantage.

Hire a Qualified Writer from a Reputable Company

If all of the above sound time consuming and hard work, that’s because it is. By far the simplest option to ensure you have a custom college paper that is well written and guaranteed to get you a high grade too is by finding a place to buy a custom college paper.

We are Paper Fellows, a professional writing service that knows how to write custom college papers on any topic. There is no plagiarism guaranteed and the paper will be written and edited by professionals so it will definitely impress your professors.

Because the paper is commissioned for you, once you pay for the paper, you are buying the rights to it. That means that you are legally allowed to credit yourself as the writer of the paper as you own the rights. This is not plagiarism. This is hiring a writer to do a college paper on your behalf, and it is urgent that you understand the difference between the two to avoid any plagiarism down the line.

So if plagiarism is a worry for you, we hope this article has helped you to understand what to do to avoid it. We also hope that if you do decide to buy a cheap custom college paper, that you choose!


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