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Custom Paper Writing Across all Academic Levels

With every other website offering sample academic papers, it is more important than ever to ensure that all of your academic papers are custom academic paper approved.

This basically means that any academic papers you hand in at your high school, or for your graduate or undergraduate degree or master’s degree or doctoral degree at university are custom written.

You know where to go online to download free sample academic papers – so do your professors. That’s why the majority of professors now run a plagiarism checker on all academic papers. This software reviews your full academic paper and flags up anything that is similar to available written works. And it’s catching students out.

Not just the ones that still somehow think it’s ok to download a sample essay and hand it in as it is, but the ones that have made a legit effort to write their own academic paper but have written it too closely to something that’s already available.

It’s a minefield and it’s only going to get tougher. That’s where a custom written academic paper service like the one ran by Paper Fellows comes in.

Educated, experienced and incredibly talented writers

The most competent academic writers who proved their ability to provide original work

Affordable services geared towards students budgets

Reasonable pricing that depends on urgency and complexity of your academic paper

Latest safety and security measures for data protection

Encrypted connection guarantees safety of all personal and payment information


PaperFellows is the Best Place to Buy a Custom Academic Paper

Here at Paper Fellows, we are careful to only employ the best, most qualified writers. We also ensure they are expert researchers who will not resort to using the same source over and over again and risk every paper they write sounding the same.

Our writers have a vast knowledge of their subjects and they know where to go to find new and unique reliable sources. No two papers our writers write are ever the same. Your paper will not be available online either as a sample or for any other purpose, and it will never be resold to another customer.

In fact, our custom academic paper writing service works so well because our writers begin a brand new paper for every customer and they are written to the specifications of each customer.

This means that even if your requirements are a little different from the standard academic papers, we can help. After all, we wouldn’t be able to say we were the best custom academic paper company if we couldn’t give you something a little different when you need it.

How Expensive is Custom Academic Paper Writing?

Relax! It sounds a lot more expensive than it is. We aim to find a balance between paying our writers a fair amount and charging our customers the lowest prices we can.

We value our writers and we will never underpay them. The sites which do that end up with writers who aren’t all that good and may not even speak English as a first language. For us, one of the most urgent requirements for our business is to ensure we get to hold onto the most highly recommended writers. They are the best custom academic writers and we feel that they deserve to be paid fairly.

We also aim to provide cheap custom academic paper writing because we appreciate that our customers are students and many students don’t have a large budget to spend. We don’t want to replace the stress of trying to come up with custom written academic papers to be replaced by the stress of trying to choose between eating and paying the electricity bill!

We will never rip you off. We operate a transparent payment system that tells you up front what you will pay. And that’s all you will pay – there are no added extras anywhere down the line.

We also offer new customers discounts on their first orders and we offer loyal customers various levels of discount on their reorders. For good measure, we even offer multiple seasonal discounts throughout the year so there’s always a way to save some extra money on your custom academic papers.

And finally, don’t forget that the longer you can give us to write your custom academic paper, the lower your price will be, so if you have plenty of time before your academic paper has to be handed in, order it now and let us use the extra time and in turn, save you even more money.


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