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Finding a balance between not having to do your own essays and not break the bank can be hard. But it’s just become easy for you, because you’ve landed at

We believe in offering students the chance to buy cheap papers that are cheap only in price and not quality. It defeats the object of buying a paper if you receive it and know you could have done it better yourself.

This is often the case with some websites that offer cheap papers, but it isn’t the case at all with Paper Fellows. We are dedicated to helping as many students as possible, and if that means making a smaller profit so that we can offer cheap essay papers, then that’s what we’ll do.

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So There Are Companies That Can Write my Paper Cheap?

Yes. We pride ourselves on our low price essays that are custom written and guaranteed to wow your professors.

However, not all cheap paper writing services are legit. Many places offer cheap paper writing, but how many of them are for real? The answer is some are and some aren’t.

Watch out for the following to make sure that your cheap paper help doesn’t cost you more in the long run:

  • Non qualified writers who are not an expert in the subject – A lot of cheap sites use any old writer, regardless of their ability to write academically. You might find a person with only a high school education is writing your doctoral paper!
  • Hidden fees – if the price you are quoted sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and you will find that you are charged extras along the way that you weren’t told about.

We Offer Affordable Paper Writing!

We like the term affordable, or inexpensive, because our writers are the best, and they deserve better than to be labelled as cheap paper writers.

Here is how we are different to the places that offer cheap paper writing online and then rip you off:

Our writers are recommended writers that produce good, top rated essays. They are reliable and don’t miss their deadlines, no matter how urgent they are. When you hire us for cheap paper help, you can rest assured that your writer is one of the best writers available.

You will never be paired with a writer that isn’t qualified to at least an undergraduate level. Many are graduates and we even have university level writers. So if you’re doing a master’s degree, your writer will have a PhD in your subject.

When you buy cheap papers, you run the risk of getting a low quality paper that is plagiarised. Not with us. All of our papers are written from scratch just for you. We’re the only place you are guaranteed a custom paper cheap.

There are no hidden fees with our company. You will never pay more than you are quoted at the point of ordering your paper.

Your price includes:

  • All research
  • A full, professionally written custom paper
  • A bibliography
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  • Any changes you request

The main difference between us and the scammers is we don’t claim to offer cheap paper writing – we offer affordable paper writing. If the price you are quoted elsewhere falls far below the industry standard, be prepared to receive a paper that isn’t going to do anything except anger you.

There is a world of difference between inexpensive and cheap, mostly in the quality. We offer you the best quality papers and we aim to charge a fair price that allows us to pay a good wage to our writers and keep the best ones on our team, while keeping your price as low as possible.

That model is how we have become one of the most used and admired custom paper writing services available in the US.


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