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Is Cheap Academic Writing Really Saving you Money?

On the surface, it stands to reason that cheap academic paper writing is saving you money on the initial purchase. But is it really cost effective?

That depends on the website you choose to use. You will find more than one company online that promise a cheap academic paper, only to find that actually, they aren’t all that cheap.

You will also find companies that quote you a really low price, but then add extras onto that price as the process moves along. Some will even send you a paper so bad that you could never use it – and charge you for edits.

This is one of the cases where a cheap academic writing service actually ends up costing you more money in the long run than just paying the price at a reliable place that might charge a little bit more on their price but won’t rip you off along the way and won’t start adding on extras.

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So, How Can I Be Sure a Company is Legit If I Want to Buy Academic Paper Cheap?

This isn’t always an easy question to answer without just giving you a shameless plug for us. But we know that the best and most reliable service is Paper Fellows, so it would be doing you a disservice to not even bother to mention that!

If you want to do a bit of research though, here are some things to look out for:

  • Check the site’s customer testimonials. It doesn’t matter how good a company is, there’s always that one customer who expects to pay for one thing and receive twenty. It’s a red flag if every single review is a 5* one.
  • Check their sample papers. If there aren’t any, ask to see an example. If a company refuses to show you an example of their work, it makes you wonder what they’re hiding!
  • If you do get a sample, check that the English is good. Some cheap sites use non-native English speakers to write your academic paper.
  • Beware of the term “cheap custom academic paper”. There’s a better than average chance that if the price is too low your paper is not custom written. In fact, it’s likely been resold many times before and will be resold again many times after you receive it.

How Is Different to Other Sites Cheap Academic Paper Writing?

We prefer to use the term affordable or inexpensive to describe our services. Our writers are first class writers and to describe them as cheap is a little insulting really.

We are happy to provide a sample academic essay – we have several available on our site but if you would like to see a sample in a subject that isn’t shown, just contact customer support who will be happy to send you an example of the work we do in your area.

We never resell a paper. We guarantee your paper will be plagiarism free and unique to you. All of our orders are viewed individually and they are all written from scratch at the point of receiving the order. That’s what custom written actually means – the academic paper is written for you to fit your requirements. We don’t recycle essays either, which means we don’t have one main essay that we just amend slightly for each customer.

In conclusion, getting an academic paper cheap is a bit of a minefield. Instead of being ripped off by believing that someone can offer a high quality academic paper for pennies, think about it logically. Think about the fact that writers have to be paid, and good writers should be paid well. Think about the running costs of the site. Do you really think it’s realistic that someone can charge next to nothing for their services if those services are worth having?

Be safe – choose Paper Fellows to get a high quality academic paper at a fair price.


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