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Buying Essay Papers Online: A Guide

When you choose to buy essay papers online, it can be quite daunting at first as there are a huge range of websites offering such services. Which company do you choose?

Naturally, we’re a little biased, but Paper Fellows is recommended as your go to site to buy an essay paper. Our reviews show that we are top rated and our writers are all qualified writers with an expert subject.

But how do make the final decision when choosing to buy essay paper writing online? Here are some tips on how to choose who to hire.

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Check Out the Customer Testimonials

Do the reviews sound real? You can usually tell if a review is a genuine or not. Does it sound like a real person wrote it?

Have a look for any review that isn’t a glowing recommendation. Chances are, even the best company will have that one customer that no one could realistically satisfy. If all of the reviews are 5* reviews, it could be a red flag.

Use Google

Google something like “where to buy an essay paper online”. Scroll down past the paid for results. Chances are you’ll find a blog post or two that will give you some idea of each service and what they offer. Bloggers are usually pretty impartial and give their honest opinion about things!

Have a Look at What They Offer

Have a look at the types of service each company offers. For example, if you’re looking to buy college essay paper online, then it’s not a great fit if the service is geared towards master’s degree and doctoral level students.

It might seem like a good idea to hand in a university grade paper, but a professor will know that a graduate or undergraduate student isn’t working to that level and they will know you didn’t write the paper yourself.

Equally, it’s not the best fit for you if the site is aimed at high school students. The paper will probably be cheaper, but it won’t be in depth enough for your needs.

Beware of Prices That Are Too Good to Be True

You will find that legit sites are usually priced around the industry standard. Some companies will charge you a lot more – at least with these services, there’s a good chance you’ll at least buy custom essay paper. You’ll have paid over the odds, but the paper will usually be a good paper that’s usable.

The main issue comes when you look to buy cheap essay papers. Google something like “buying essay papers for cheap” and chances are, you’ll find a site or two that are way under the industry standard for pricing.

Chances are the grammar in your paper will be as awful as it was in the phrase you just Googled. When you buy essay papers cheap, there’s a fair chance your writer will speak English as a second or even a third language. The grammar will be mixed up and many of the sentences won’t even be structured correctly.

Talk to Other Students

There’s no better recommendation for any service than a word of mouth recommendation from someone you know and trust.

If you ask your friends can you buy an essay paper, you’ll likely find that many of them have reached a point where urgent deadlines are fast approaching and they’ve bitten the bullet and bought an essay paper. They will be able to give you advice about which services to use and which services to avoid.

Assuming your friends are reliable and your trust their opinions, this is perhaps the best way to find a company to use to buy your essay papers as they are truly tried and tested. Your friend might even let you have a peek at the essay they bought so you can see the quality of the writing.


By now you might be wondering why we didn’t open with that point. Well, here’s why!

We want every student to get the help they want to get, and while we know we can help you, we don’t want to pressure you into using our service. We want you to choose us in an informed process.

And let’s face it, no one wants to read a load of sales copy right!


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