Writing an Essay on The Importance Of A Strong Children's Healthcare System

  • Posted: September 23, 2022

children healthcare system essay

Healthcare is important at all stages of life, but it’s especially crucial during childhood. Having access to regular, high quality healthcare will help children get a good start in life, and set them up for a healthier life later down the line. Here’s how a strong healthcare system benefits children.

Children’s Research Institute

There are several bodies that are researching the importance of good childhood healthcare, including the Children’s Research Institute. This organisation is the academic arm of the Children’s Nation Health System, and aims to offer the very best health care through research.

As well as research, they offer training and education in children’s education too. That allows for anyone working with children in an official capacity to offer better care, and understand just how important good healthcare is at this stage.

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If you want to know more yourself, you can check out a lot of the resources available on the site childrensresearchinstitute.org. They make their reports available to the public, so you can read them and learn more. There’s also regular events that raise money for child care causes, as well as raising awareness. If there’s one near you, you can attend and see what they’re offering to you.

On the whole organisations like these are vital to spreading the word about children’s health care. When web tools are readily available, it means that anyone can get the info they need to stay informed. Having access to the Children’s Research Institute site means that anyone can get the benefit of their research, at any time.

Essay On The Importance Of Children’s Healthcare

Healthcare is obviously important at any stage, write an essay about children healthcare? At the beginning of their life, children need a lot more care and attention. Part of that care is attending to their health, and ensuring that they’re healthy both mentally and physically. When you do that, you’re setting a child up for success later in life.

Influences On A Child’s Health

To understand how to deliver proper children’s healthcare, it’s important to understand what influences their health. They’re affected by their environment, so if you know what’s influencing their health you know how to keep a child as healthy as possible.

Parental influence: This is one of the first things that will influence a child’s health. This takes into account a lot of different things, such as the education of the parents, their current employment, the time they have to spend with the child, and so on. The better their education, the better the health of their children will be. There has been a proven link between the two, so in children’s healthcare it’s important to look at the parents first.

Public policy: This can be very different, depending on where the child’s family lives. The policy in their home town or city will influence their health in a number of ways. For example, healthy eating policies such as reducing the sugar in drinks will have a positive effect on their health. When the governing bodies in an area are paying attention to children’s issues, their health will improve.

Schooling: As a child spends so much time at school, it will have an impact on their health. This is something that has been studied a lot in recent years, and educators are working to improve health while children are in the classroom. They can get to know students, and if there’s a change in their behavior that’s outside the norm, they’re uniquely placed to address it. Of course, this does place added stress on educators that are already juggling a lot of work.

Essay Question Explained: Why Invest In Children’s Healthcare?

In this children healthcare essay writing exercise, it is very clear that when children are well cared for, they can flourish. There are lots of reasons why you should invest in healthcare for children at all ages. What are the benefits?

Healthier and happier children: When a child is healthy, they can focus on growing and becoming their own person. This requires them to have access to healthy food, the ability to play and exercise, and a happy and healthy family life. When they have all these things, they can grow and be secure in themselves.

More opportunities to succeed: When children are healthy, they’re more able to take part in schooling and family life, and that opens them up to more opportunities. They are able succeed and grow personally, and that’s going to influence their health as an adult too. As such, taking care of their health at a young age is more important than you may realise.

Healthier future workforce: Children’s healthcare isn’t just about the here and now, but the future too. When children are well cared for in the first years of their life, that’s going to set them up for a healthier future. When they are healthier, that means there are healthier people going into the workforce.

For example, if a healthcare issue is picked up in a child when they’re young, the chances are it will be much more treatable than if it were discovered when they’re an adult. As such, they may not have to deal with a lot of the healthcare issues that come with it, and so there will be less reliance on disability benefits as a result.

Improved economy: On a larger scale, it’s important to understand how healthier children can help improve the economy as a whole. When they’re able to grow and succeed, and enter the workforce as a healthy adult, that has a knock on effect on the economy as whole.

There are more adults working and able to contribute, and as such everyone benefits from their work. As such, you can see investing in children’s health is very much investing in the future.

Essay Analysis: Web Tools And Children’s Healthcare

In essays on children’s healthcare system, you’ll often see references to web tools, such as the Children’s Research Institute as detailed above. These have become an important factor in recent years, as those involved in children’s care have been using them to improve their health.

For example, in the UK the 111 helpline service, set up by the NHS, allows people to call a helpline and get health advice. This has a website and app component too. People can look up symptoms on them, and get specialised healthcare advice. This includes advice for children, so parents can get help with their children’s health care before calling a doctor.

With tools like these at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to take care of children’s health and keep informed of what to do if they are ill. It offers a lot of peace of mind to care takers, too.

In this essay, you’ve seen all the different ways that improved children’s health care not only improves the lives of children themselves, but the lives of those around them and society at large. When their health is taken seriously, and their care givers are properly educated, it puts children at an advantage.