Guidance For Academic Writers Who Struggle To Get Started

  • Posted: August 18, 2022

guidance for writers to avoid procrastination

Are you someone who's always wanted to get into writing as a career, but didn't know where to start? So many people want to be writers, but they don't get started for a variety of different reasons. Here's how you can finally get your start by getting into academic writing, and start really calling yourself a professional writing.

Why You're Not Writing Those Essays For Students Right Now

If you recognise yourself in the above paragraph, there could be all kinds of reasons why you haven't started your writing career yet. Here's some of the most common reasons people give when they are asked why they haven't pursued their dream:

  • I can't get started because I can't afford to leave my full time job to write.
  • I don't have the time to start looking for writing jobs.
  • I don't know where I'd start finding writing jobs that pay.
  • I have other commitments, such as raising my family, and I can't start writing as well.

These are only a few reasons why you're not writing right now, and you can probably think of lots more off the top of your head. The thing is, getting into writing as a career is much easier than you'd think. You just need to have the willpower and the desire to get started. The team of writers at research paper writing service provides top quality for the best price affordable by any student. They hire only the best academic writers who are available 24/7 to complete any writing task.

Can You Be A Constant Professional Writer?

Some people feel that they can't be a writer, as they don't have any previous experience. The fact is though, anyone can get into professional writing, as long as they have the desire to write. You may not have written professionally before, but you have plenty of experience in your life.

For example, if you are a parent, you'll have parenting advice to share with those who need it. If you are a keen gardener, you have lots of experience that you can commit to the page. And, if you have an undergraduate degree or higher, you can get into academic writing.

It's all about turning that experience into writing that others will want to read. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The more you sit and write about your chosen topic, the better you'll be at it. The better you are, the better jobs you'll be able to get.

Procrastinating on writing is a self fulfilling prophecy. You can't get started because you feel you aren't good enough. However, if you don't start writing, you'll never get better at it.

'Butt-In-Chair' Philosophy

For many writers, they swear by the 'butt-in-chair' philosophy. What does this mean? Essentially just how it sounds. If you want to be a writer, you have to get your butt in the chair and get writing.

This method works to break through the idea that you're 'not good enough' to be a writer, or you can't call yourself a writer because you aren't writing the next great American novel. This isn't true at all. If you're in the seat and writing, then you are a writer. That's true whether writing is your full time gig, or you're writing after your full time job or in between taking care of your kids.

That's something that we subscribe to here at Procrastinating Writers. Here, you're going to find lots of exercises and tips that you'll need to help you get in that seat and get writing. Once you build up that habit, you're good to go.

Getting Into Professional Academic Writing

Now, how are you going to find your break into writing as a career? For many, professional academic writing has been the way forward for them. This is thanks to the fact that almost every writer already has the experience they need to get in. If you have an undergraduate degree, then you have the requisite experience to get started. After all, you qualified in your chosen subject, and you wrote plenty of essays and assignments to get to that point. That makes you perfect for the role.

Take a quick look online, and you're going to find a plethora of academic writing sites designed to help students. There's so many out there, and they're always looking for new writers to help them. Demand is higher than ever before, and that's the perfect 'in' for someone like you who wants to become a professional writer.

The Benefits Of Being An Academic Writer

Why academic writing as a career? It's true that there are other options out there, but there's lots of reasons why so many writers get their start in academic writing:

Write in your own niche: As you have qualifications in your given subject, you can write in it with confidence. This is something that many graduates don't get to do, so it gives you the opportunity to use your education to get ahead and start earning.

Work at your own pace: Every writer has their own time constraints, and academic writing lets you take on as much or as little as you like. You can take on more if you're writing full time, or you can do less if you're handling other tasks during the day. As such, it makes the work very flexible.

Help students in your subject: Writing for academic services is very rewarding, as you can help out students when they're stuck. As someone who was a student yourself, you can remember what it was like to feel stuck in an assignment and not know what to do next. As a professional writer, you'll be able to help them out and get a sense of accomplishment.

Get professional writing jobs under your belt: If you're just starting out as a professional writer, then getting into academic writing is a great way to boost your career. You can get those professional jobs under your belt, gaining experience and confidence the whole time.

What To Know About Academic Writing

As you can see, there are so many reasons why you may want to begin looking into academic writing as a career. Like any job though, there will be some things that you need to know going into it.

Firstly, you'll need to use the skills that you learned at university yourself to write essays and assignments. That includes researching topics, outlining papers, and citing sources. You will need to know how to do that before you start writing for any academic writing site. They will give you a test paper to write first, to see where your skills lie. This is where you can show them just how good you are.

You'll also be in contact with your students when you're writing for them. They may get in touch halfway through the writing process to see how far along you are, or to send you materials that you may need. You'll need to be ready to handle that as you're writing.

Finally, remember that most academic writing sites do have money back guarantees and editing policies. If a student isn't totally happy with your paper, you'll be asked to make edits so it's what they're looking for. As such, you'll need to be ready to do edits should it be required of you. However, you'll want to check the order carefully before you start writing, so you can write exactly what they need, and avoid edits wherever possible.

Should You Get Into Academic Writing?

Is academic writing for you? There are lots of reasons why you may want to consider it as a step into the field of professional writing. It's excellent for those with undergraduate degrees, as you'll instantly have a niche that you can begin to write in. If you thought you didn't have any experience you could use for writing, you can see now that you really do.

There are lots of academic writing sites out there, and they're always looking for new writers. You can easily find a role on one of them, and start creating academic writing for them. That means you'll be getting paid to start writing, something that many writers don't get when they start out.