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I am a middle-aged Caucasian male with Christianity as my religion. My hometown is in the United States of America, and that is where I am currently residing. I am currently employed as a sales agent for a US based company, and I must admit the fact that I love my job so much. Besides that, I am a kind of person who believes in honesty as the only way to undertake tasks in whichever environment an individual exists in (Edward, 2010). Moreover, I believe in gender balance and equality at all times, and this makes me believe that a man and a lady can undertake any form of activity equally without any form of underrating. Hence as far as I am concerned, the position of men and women in the society remains to be the same at every moment of my thought. Besides my beliefs, I have some personalities that define me as I list them below:

Accountability for my undoing

I believe in responsibility at all times, and I ensure that all that happen as a result of my actions are adequately counteracted in the best way possible to prevent any blames that I would have on other people who are surrounding me especially in the workplace. I have come to realize that playing blame games is the worst enemy in the workplace that could interfere much with the general progress of every activity at work.


I believe in having things done in the way they have been planned, and I never give room for looking back no matter how difficult the task ahead might be. I keep focusing ahead until I get things done with the help of any available useful resources.


I have the capacity to work with fellow team members on a task assigned for the purpose of achieving the team goals irrespective of our personal ethnic differences in the team. I have also learned to abandon personal interests when it comes to teamwork that is meant to help the team come up with something worthwhile.

Uphold personal virtues

I believe in expressing my maturity level in every aspect that I face and always work so hard each day to get the best out of every situation I am faced with. I uphold the various forms of integrity characteristics which are also values that any given society is striving to uphold especially in the public offices.


I always believe in giving directions on what activity is to be undertaken at every single moment of my work and learning process. This has made several people who have interacted with me either directly or indirectly refer to me as a leader. Therefore I am a leader.


I am an individual with a sense of direction and who believes in dedication to getting things done however difficult they may look. For this reason, I believe that my job will not stop wherever I am as at the moment (Edward, 2010). I believe that getting greater things means pushing harder and not losing hope even when things seems not to work your way.

A stranger seeing me possibly for the first time would see the skin color stereotype to me especially if the stranger has different skin complexion from my white skin color. My skin color being white, it would be a stereotype to find myself amidst several dark skinned people because according to them, I would be the only odd one out of them. Additionally, working among old men would make them perceive me to be very young, and this would make me feel uneasy working amidst them.

As middle-aged male Caucasian, the cultural beliefs have had a lot of positive impacts on my way of thinking and how I perceive life and culture. We believe in equality of both genders in every environmental setup. This is because we feel that both man and women are of the same origin and therefore must have fairly equal judgments in life. The cultural beliefs we abhor about equal treatment to both gender has greatly reduced the various forms of stereotypes that are gender related. This has seen several female genders qualifying for top management positions at the place of work. This comes with diversity in the leadership at the workplace which has greatly contributed to positive changes at the place of work (Leadership and the meaning of life, 2008). 

Diversity at the workplace is having people of different ethnicity work together for a common goal for the company. Diversity results into a diverse institution with people from different cultural backgrounds who believe in so many varied things. The management is therefore charged with the responsibility of ensuring that every individual is accommodated within the new work environments. This would make them feel energized and willing to work in such kinds of environment. Their skills, abilities, beliefs, and tradition must be respected at all times for a peaceful co-existence (Edward, 2010). 

Diversity is a significant aspect of human life as it gives one an opportunity to experience new things outside their niche and these could help one develop either economically or physically by gaining new experiences and new ways of doing things. Diversity involves the ability to have a clear understanding of what the result of bringing people of different cultural background together would have on the general development and growth of the company. Creating employment opportunities for women in areas predominantly occupied by men will help a lot in ensuring that the company has a gender balanced staff (Edward, 2010).  Moreover, the concept of diversity can have both good and negative implications on the society within which it is deployed. Stereotypes such as gender, age, and skin color are some of the negative implications of diversity that need to be addressed in the best manner possible if the company is to benefit from it.

In a work environment, it is a common act to see the minority getting some form of discrimination either based on their ages, gender or even ethnicity. This tends to reduce their morale in the workplace and as a result, their performance tends to reduce below the expected levels (Leadership and the meaning of life, 2008). 

The management team, led by the manager must portray a mature leadership with neutral treatment on the staff to ensure that no single staff undergoes any form of discrimination at the workplace. This would give the employees a sense of belonging and as a result would boost their performance to the expected standards (Edward, 2010). 


Workplace diversity if implemented in a positive way can result in proper managerial mechanisms in every institution. However, negative implementation of the same would result in stereotypes and discrimination amongst staff members which can greatly interfere with the general staff performance. Leaders have therefore to take responsibility for ensuring that any form of discrimination against any employee is handled in the most mature way possible.