Revision Policy

Paper Fellows is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to each and every customer. We also guarantee that our customers will be completely satisfied with the products they receive.

If and when customers are not satisfied, they have the right to ask for revisions to their final products, and to continue to request those revisions until they are happy with what they have received. And we will continue to revise, as customers request.

Requests are Rare

We do not receive regular requests for revisions. The reason for this is that we set up direct communication between customers and their personal writers. When that communication occurs during the entire process, there is little room for mis-understanding. And, on many occasions, customers will be provided with drafts along the way for their review and comment.

When Requests are Made

  1. Your final draft will be uploaded to your personal account, and you will be notified when it is there. You then open that draft and review it. If all is well, then you just click the “approve” button and it is ready for you to download.
  2. If you do want some revisions, you click the “revisions request” button and give your writer the details of what you want changed. You can also message your writer directly with those requests. Another option is to contact the customer support department with your requests.
  3. As soon as your revisions are complete, you will again receive the final draft for review.
  4. Customers also have the right to request a different writer for the revisions to be made.

There are Deadlines

You may approve a final draft and then find that you want revisions. This is still possible as long as you meet the deadline requirements.

  1. Generally, you have 7 days to ask for revisions
  2. If the piece is long and complex, you will have 14 days to make your requests.

Free Revisions

Here are the circumstances under which revisions are free.

  1. If your specific instructions are not followed, and we have not caught that, of course any revision will be free and completed quickly.
  2. You may want the structure or order of points changed -  no problem. You may want an additional point included in an argument – no problem.
  3. On rare occasions, a writer may have mis-understood the customer’s instructions. It happens. We will be happy to revise in such instances.
  4. All pieces are checked for grammar, composition, and resource citation. If, however, you should discover any errors, these will be corrected immediately.

Fee-Based Revisions

Customers always have the right to ask for revisions, and we will always honor those requests. There are some circumstances, however, when those revisions will be completed with an extra cost to the customer. Here are those circumstances.

  1. If a revision request changes the original order instructions that were given by the customer, we do have to consider this as an additional order. For example, you may have originally designated 5 resources and now want 6 instead This will involve additional work on the part of your writer and there will be an additional charge for that.
  2. If a customer places a revision request that is after the deadline for such requests, there will be a charge, as determined by our administrative staff.

Customers must understand that fee-based revision will only begin after payment has been made. When they need to make such requests, they should contact the customer support department, so that the fee can be established and payment can be made.

The Key is Communication

Most revision requests can be avoided up front when two things happen:

  1. Customers should review their order confirmation details very carefully, so that there are no mistakes in details such as length, number of resources, and deadline requirements.
  2. Customer should stay in contact with their writers, provide any additional specifications, answer any questions the writer has, and continue to check on progress. When customers stay involved, there is little chance for mis-understandings.

Still Have Question?

If there is anything you don’t fully understand about this policy, please get in touch with us. We want to be as transparent as possible and make sure that our customers understand the details of all of our policies.

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