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How to Order a College Paper Online

The very fact that you are reading this page tells us that you have already done your research and decided that you want to order college paper online.

It tells us that you already know that our writers are the best – that they are qualified and an expert in their subjects.

It tells us that you have already checked out our reviews and already know that we come highly recommended as the best company from which to order college paper.

It tells us that you already know that we are a reliable company who will nail your urgent deadline.

It tells us that you already know that we only employ legit native English speaking writers.

It tells us that you already know that our company, Paper Fellows, is the best company when it comes to ordering college paper.

So let’s just cut to the chase shall we and talk about how to order a college paper from our website,

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How to Order Custom College Paper from Paper Fellows

Purchasing your college paper from Paper Fellows is a really easy to follow process that is designed with ease of use in mind and allows us to gather all of the information we need from you.

Tell us The Basics

Whether you need to order APA college paper or whether your need to order MLA college paper, just let us know.

Whether your need an epic 40,000 word graduate paper or a short 5,000 word undergraduate paper, tell us. Just so you know, we also offer master’s degree and doctoral papers too for when you hit university and high school papers too, although it’s probably a little late for you to need those!

Once you’ve told us how long your paper needs to be, your academic level, the length of your paper and the citation style for the paper, then we can get down to collecting some extra details.

Customise  your College Paper

All of our college papers are customised papers that are written from scratch to your order and we guarantee there will be no plagiarism. When you order a paper from us, you’re not just ordering a rehash of a sample paper, you’re ordering custom college paper.

That means we’ll need a little bit more detail, but it also means that your paper is guaranteed to impress because you’ll have followed the guidelines and hit every key point that’s needed to get the highest grades.

Tell us the exact sub-topic and the question your paper is answering.

Tell us if there’s anything your professor has hinted at wanting including.

Tell us if your professor has a particular reference book or website that they like you to use.

Tell us if your professor has any know quirks – maybe they like really obscure sources that show you have researched the subject to the bones.

Tell us any pet hates your professor has – we don’t want to accidentally irritate him or her!

Don’t worry if you think of something you should have told us once your order is complete. Your order will be processed and passed on to the writer who is the best match for you academically and by subject. Once they receive the assignment, you will be notified who your writer is. You can then message your writer directly through the messaging service and add on any relevant information that you didn’t include in your original. Don’t hesitate to do this – our writers want you to love your college paper and they are happy to add in anything you request.


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