We want our customers to understand their rights and responsibilities as they make use of our writing services and order and receive products from our company. Customers must understand that once an order is placed with us, all of the terms of this disclaimer are automatically in place.

1.Use of Products You Receive from PaperFellows.com

Once you approve of a delivered product, it doe belong to you. However, there are some restrictions on our use of these products. They are for your personal use only, for purposes of research and study. We do not hold onto products once they are delivered. You may not use products from us for any commercial purposes, and you may not transfer, distribute, share, or in any way transfer your product to anyone else. Paper Fellows is not responsible for any consequences if you use our products for any purposes other than personal.

2.If You Need to Cancel an Order

We know that there may be events that cause you to cancel an order. Here is our policy:

  • If you cancel before a writer has been assigned, you will receive a full refund
  • If you cancel after a writer has been assigned, you will receive a partial refund based upon the amount of work that writer has completed.

3.Identifying and Using Research Resources

If you do not specify resources to be used, your writer will select the best resources based upon the topic and your academic level. These will be the most relevant and current available.

If you specify resources, there are some options:

  • You can upload the resources that you want used by your writer
  • If you do not have resources to upload and yet you need specific source materials, your writer will locate them. If, however, there is a fee involved, you will be asked to pay that fee before those resources will be accessed. If you delay on payment, your order may be delayed, and we are not responsible for such a delay.

4.Accuracy of Order Form Completion

It is your responsibility to provide accurate information in your order form. There are drop-down meus, and this is an area where mistakes can be made. We will send you a confirmation of your order, and it is your responsibility to check it and make sure it is accurate.

If mistakes are made in your order and we assign a writer, or if that order is completed with that incorrect information, we are not responsible. If we need to re-write your order because of mistakes that you have made, that re-write will have to constitute a new order, or, at the least, will require additional payment of some sort.

5.The Issue of Plagiarism

We have not had an incident of plagiarism to date, and we do not expect to have one. We have very sophisticated software to scan every piece of writing for plagiarism.

If you believe that you have received a piece of writing that contains plagiarism, we request that you submit that plagiarized content to it with your own scan for plagiarism. We will certainly investigate. If ever there should be an incident of plagiarism, we will make it right through revision, refund and/or discounts toward a future order.

6.Technical Issues

Technical issues include power outages, browser issues, server breakdowns, etc. When such incidents occur, we cannot control them. As soon as the issues resolve, we will continue work as usual. However, we cannot be responsible for delay that result from such issues.


We will not process an order and assign a writer until you have made payment. If you delay payment, your order will be delayed and we cannot be responsible if your deadline is not met.

Occasionally, a banking institution may request identity verification. We will contact you immediately in such a case, and will request identity verification documents. It is your responsibility to get these documents over quickly, so that your order will not be delayed. If you delay, we cannot proceed with your order and cannot be responsible for any delays.

8.Delivery Delays

We operate according to the deadlines that customers give us. Rarely, there may be an emergency with a writer that delays production. If this delay causes us to miss a deadline, then we will issue a pro-rated refund and a discount on a future order. If the delay occurs due to your delay in providing necessary information or technical issues, we are not responsible.

9.Reviewing the Final Draft

We will notify you via email and your personal account when the final draft is read for you to review. We ask that you review that order quickly. Yu may then approve it or ask for revisions. If you delay in your review and then need revisions, we cannot promise that these will be completed to meet your deadline.

10.Customer Support

Our customer support department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are urged to contact us if you have any questions or issues, so that they may be resolved quickly.


We have the latest security measures and technology in place to protect your identity. We will never release your personal information to a third-party.

12.Legal Jurisdictions

We conform to all laws within the jurisdiction of our corporate headquarters. It is your responsibility to be informed of any laws regarding your use of online retailers that fall within your jurisdiction. We are not responsible for laws and regulations within your jurisdiction.

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